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KRUŽÍK s.r.o., which has been operating in the market for more than a quarter of a century, has become a traditional manufacturer of sectional garage doors and industrial doors. Thanks to our experience in production and sale in both the domestic and European markets, we belong among the leading domestic manufacturers in the field. Our company has recently been succeeding also on the European scale and we currently sell products to 13 European countries on a regular basis.

The state-of-the-art technologies of sectional door production are certified by the TÜV and CSI certificates for all products by KRUŽÍK s.r.o., including the ISO 9001:2015 certificate for the quality management system. Safe operation is guaranteed by the strict European standard EN 13241-1. Thanks to the experience and certificates obtained, our company currently offers and guarantees top quality, operational safety, warranty and high flexibility with a trained team of technical personnel.

Both the garage and industrial doors are always made to measure, thus making sure that any building aperture is filled precisely. We are able to make the door for a building aperture of almost any shape and size.

We have been operating in the market of garage and industrial doors for more than 26 years and we have gained rich experience...

Managing Director Kružík s. r. o.


All of the KRUŽÍK garage and industrial doors are tested and certified according to the strict safety requirements of the European standard EN 13241-1. We obtained these certificates in a regular certification process; these are not purchased certificates. It is really worth comparing to the competition.

Podporujeme sportovní kluby


KRUŽÍK s.r.o. supports local and regional institutes and activities. Our support of education, sports and cultural institutes and events is mostly related to the interests or hobbies of the company owners or employees.

This includes the support of elementary and secondary schools, sport clubs and events (tennis, ice hockey, motosport, cycling, soccer), cultural events held in Kroměříž - currently the Kroměříž Summer Music Academy associated with the Musical Kroměříž festival.

The support of social and health activities, concentrated in the Social Services of the City of Kroměříž, is also important.