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pohony mfzPrůmyslové pohony vrat a bran gfa


  • Quality design for long-term functionality
  • IP 65 protection option
  • Versions for 230V and 400V
  • The possibility of connection with other systems

For the automation of industrial doors, we offer powerful and reliable side drives from top German manufacturers MFZ and GFA, as well as from Force Door. We deliver these drives either in a fully automated version with all comfort, or in a so-called "dead man" version. Assembly of the industrial gate drive is usually done directly on the gate shaft. Versions with 230V and 400V power supply as well as versions with IP65 protection and frequency converter are available. Of course, it is possible to connect various control units and a wide range of accessories.




  • Smart automatic program
  • High-speed operation with intelligent speed adjustment
  • Soft-start and Soft-stop system
  • Protection IP 54

Force Door is a leading manufacturer of garage and industrial door operators. Thanks to many years of experience in the field of sectional door automation with Force Door drives becoming popular and establishing themselves in America, Australia as well as European and African markets. The Force Door team focuses on creating professional garage drives that excel in technological processing as well as modern programming capabilities. Force Door's goal is to produce quality products, always use the most advanced technologies and provide comprehensive services, thanks which Force Door products are your best choice. The company FMK motorized s.r.o. is the exclusive importer of these drives for most of Europe with its own warehouse in Kroměříž.


FMK BaseCatalogue


  • External or integrated control
  • Compact structure made of pressure die cast aluminium
  • Combinable with a wide range of controls
  • Protection IP 65

The German manufacturer MFZ makes drives, controls and sensors for the industrial door systems. These include the top products with perfect practical solution for robust installation. Large volume production guarantees optimal conditions for top quality and economic efficiency. The quality management system certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001 guarantees the best reliability.

pohony mfzŘídící jednotky řady CS


  • High-quality drives for industrial use
  • 230V and 400V power supply
  • Optional programming control unit or the “dead man” version
  • Protection IP 65

The German company GfA (Gesellschaft für Antriebstechnik) makes high-quality drives and control units for industrial doors under the ELEKTROMATEN® trade name. Elektromaten SE are special shaft drives for sectional door with weight balancing. They are available in 230V or 400V power supply versions; there are also versions with a frequency converter which have a slow start and stop, thus being more gentle to the door. The drive consists of a worm-gear unit with a hollow shaft, manual emergency control (fast SK chain or ER unblocking), integrated limit switch and electric motor. Optional connection of various control units and a wide range of accessories.

Pohon GfA SE 5.24 SK s řídící jednotkou WS900 s reverzním stykačemPrůmyslové pohony vrat a bran gfařídící jednotka TS970